Adam Cave

header7Adam Cave began his martial arts training twenty-five years ago at the encouragement of some fellow dorm mates in college. What started out as a fun addition to other athletic pursuits has since become a life-long passion. Adam initially studied traditional Taekwon-do (he holds a second degree black belt in this style) as well as Okinawan kobudo. However, in the late 90’s, at the urging of his sensei Sherri Lesch, he switched his attention and training to RyuTe®. Adam feels privileged to have now received a third degree black belt directly from Taika Seiyu Oyata. He has benefited immensely from numerous training seminars with Taika as well as from the inspired instruction of the late Tashi Jim Logue, Kyoshi Gary Shull of South Carolina and Sensei Tim Blake of North Carolina.

Adam began studying traditional Okinawan Kobudo (weapons) in the early-90s under the lineage of the late Seichi Odo. Once he switched to RyuTe® he fully adopted the Kobudo of Seiyu Oyata.

Adam is also co-owner of Adam Cave Fine Art, a downtown Raleigh art gallery also located on East Hargett Street: website

5 thoughts on “Adam Cave

  1. Hi I was wondering if you do custom work as well? I was checking out your site and the weapons you have shown are amazing! I was wanting to get a pair of Tanbo made but have been having trouble finding someone to make them. I wanted to have them made with the following dimensions if possible,
    Length 22 1/2in.
    Diam 1inch.
    In Padauk wood w 6 rings on each end for grip. Would really be interested in hearing back from you if this is something that could be done. Thank you for your time and consideration, again awesome work truly beautiful craftsmanship. I will leave my contact info below.


  2. Hi Adam my name is Miguel Lima and I am a member of RyuTe in NJ and I have been looking for a good Bo and found it on your web site. I would like to order a Tapered Bo Purple heart and Hickory 72 x 1-!/4″. I truly hope that you can help me out with this request. Thank you Miguel


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